Choice Lamb Sales

Karoo Tenderveld

Situated in the Karoo is the farm Hillmoor, owned by Ivan and Brenda Dell, who are dedicated to producing choice lamb.

The animals are raised under natural veld conditions, thereby enhancing the quality of the meat resulting in genuine “Karoo lamb” flavour i.e. totally organically produced.

Only lambs conforming to top-grade standards are selected and these animals are processed in our registered abattoir, with the meat being expertly packed under stringent hygienic conditions thereby maintaining freshness, quality and taste.

Pricing is extremely competitive and the meat is supplied to individuals in a chilled pack consisting of either a half or a whole lamb cut into the following options:

OPTION 1 – (All Chops)

OPTION 2 – (2 x Leg Roasts*, 2 x Shoulder Roasts*, Chops)

OPTION 3 – (2 x Leg Roasts*, 2 x Loin Rolls*, Chops)

Option 4 – (2 x Leg Roasts*, Chops)

Note: If a half lamb is ordered, items marked with * will be one of. The half orders will be between 9 and 12kgs.

All options may have their ribs in the following cuts:

(R) = Ribs

(S) = Rib Stew

(R/R) = Rack of Ribs

Please indicate which cut using one of the above symbols.

Common to all options are the following:

  1. Neck
  2. Shin
  3. Stewing Meat
  4. A small amount of pets meat (off cuts)

The average weight of the whole lambs varies between 15 and 20 kgs. Special requests such as “small, medium, lean etc” can be accommodated with an order. We also sell whole livers, kidneys (10 in a pack) and “Karoo Skilpadjies”(12 in a pack) as well as biltong, dried sausage, boerewors and patties.

All cuts are individually packed in freezer bags and labeled to facilitate ease of selection after freezing.

Orders will be delivered to appointed agents for collection and payment.

For further enquiries or orders, contact Brenda, Ivan or your local agent.